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About Us

Gehring-Tricot Corporation is a leading US manufacturer of warp knits, circular knits, and stretch woven fabrics. A vertical operation, GT Corp. has manufacturing facilities in New York and Massachusetts. Since 1946 we have been providing custom engineered solutions to meet a variety of industry needs, including those in the medical, sports, safety, aerospace, apparel and defense industries.

Through a steady process of growth, powered by adaptation and acquisitions, Gehring-Tricot Corp's third-generation family ownership has provided the leadership and vision needed to survive and thrive in the challenging arena of domestic textiles. GT Corp. prides itself in being a forerunner in textile manufacturing, able both to supply traditional fabrics for mainstream industries and also to engineer custom fabric solutions. We are always ready to tackle any challenge that is brought our way.

Company History

Founded as Gehring Textiles, Inc. in 1946, Gehring-Tricot is a family business that has always emphasized quality control, innovation, precision manufacturing, hands-on technical assistance and customer service.

Very early, in 1952, Gehring established the Militex Division to support soldiers, sailors and airmen overseas. Gehring built Helmont Mills, a warp knit plant in St. Johnsville, NY, and developed a major dyeing and finishing facility in Dolgeville, NY.

In 2006 Gehring acquired the assets of Hyde Park Industries, one of the first fine gauge circular knit plants in the country. Hyde Park was the originator of the first domestically produced circular knit spacer fabrics used to replace foam in molded bra cups. Hyde Park's 42gg double knit and 28gg electronic jacquard machines, as well as its technical expertise, added extensive circular knit capability to existing warp knit capability. The combined skills and equipment brought Gehring to the forefront of high performance fabric manufacture.

In 2008 Gehring acquired Tweave, Inc. Known for 50 years as the pioneer of stretch woven fabrics, Tweave brought unparalleled expertise in the design, development and manufacture of woven fabrics with spandex. Originally a leading manufacturer of intimate apparel, Tweave fabrics now stretch across the world in intimate apparel, activewear, upholstery, medical devices and industrial products. As a Gehring division, Tweave adds another dimension of fabric possibilities.

In 2012 Gehring Textiles, Inc., changed its name to Gehring-Tricot Corporation, reflecting our more diverse and extensive manufacturing capability. We now produce warp knit, circular knit and woven fabrics. We are vertically integrated and technically advanced with state-of-the-art equipment, a broad background and precision testing for virtually all our fabrics.

Our upgraded knitting and dyeing/finishing facilities are still in New York State, and are now complemented by our Massachusetts stretch woven fabric manufacturing operation, also featuring brand new equipment installations since the acquisition. Our operations are organized to offer our customers specialized expertise, fast turnaround and competitive pricing, both in complete fabric package development and in contract services for knitting, dyeing, and finishing.

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