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D3 Spacer Fabric

D3 spacer fabric is an open, 3-dimensional knit combining as many as 3 different fibers, one on each side and one in the center, taking advantage of the best qualities of each fiber. Gehring Tricot has ability to achieve this through warp knit raschel, circular knit, and simplex equipment.

Depending on the fibers selected, from polyester to nylon, aramids and para-aramids, spandex to E-glass, D3 can be fleeced on one side, cushion in the middle and repel water on the other side. It can breathe and stretch. It can insulate, flex and resist impact. It can be soft textured and hook-compatible [via lamination]. All depends on the fibers selected, how they are treated and how they are engineered.

Now in more than 200 constructions, its' versatility offers potential for enormous improvements in medical, military, homeland security, sporting goods, automotive, aerospace and general industrial applications. Spacer fabric can be as wide as 0.5 inches, and offers breathable, washable and durable alternatives to many foams such as Neoprene, Ensolite and other closed cell foams.

In the short term future Gehring-Tricot will be looking to further expand internal capabilities on this technology to allow for much thicker requirements. Please feel free to call and discuss your needs…

D3 spacer fabric sample image
d3 spacer and athletic fabrics


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