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High Visibility Fabric

For decades, Gehring-Tricot was one of the premier suppliers to markets calling for the use of High Visibility fabrics. As the influx of cheaper imports started diluting the quality of the goods, to a point where even fluorescent dyes were not being used and the goods weren't bright at all… Gehring-Tricot joined and was the primary USA based soft goods textile manufacturing member of the ANSI Committee tasked with assisting in the creation of stringent performance and testing criteria to allow for a higher level product to be used to protect the market users – be it DOT, utility, roadside assistance, traffic control, military, law enforcement, etc.

Now, ANSI 107 is the universal standard of excellence in performance… and Gehring Tricot is proud to have played the role as the one textile mill vested in the committee to create this protection.

Currently, Gehring-Tricot is actively developing many new constructions for a wide range of market needs or future interests.

High visibility fabric sample image

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