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Engineered Textiles for Innovative Solutions

At Gehring-Tricot Corp., no matter how good our fabrics, or how broad our selection, we know that our business depends on supporting you, our customer.

GT Corp. designs and manufactures a broad array of knit and woven fabrics for a very diverse range of markets such as medical, sports, safety, aerospace, apparel, and military products… to just name a few. These fabrics can be engineered to protect against many of life's discomforts, such as moisture retention, UV degradation, electrical charges, heat, bacteria, chemicals, and environmental hazards. They can be constructed to enhance comfort and provide strength and durability.

Whereas most domestic mills specialize in either warp knitting, weft/circular knitting, or weaving; Gehring-Tricot Corp offers all of these as one company. This single source diversity, when combined with a philosophy and commitment to custom technical fabric solutions, truly allows for the 'right' fabrics to be developed without bias. We can offer the absolute best solution, versus being limited to trying to make 'what we do'… seem best.

Innovation is our specialty, and the attitude of the company is "Evolve or Perish", which is something our manufacturing team lives every day. More than 100 Gehring fabrics are custom created every year, all based on individual customer requirements, and meeting new needs every day. Our company leadership is adamant about product and market diversity. In today's economy, which sadly has seen the majority of domestic textile mills fading away, consider the security in partnering with one whose business model has resulted in ongoing expansion not only in expanding capabilities but increasing capacity … With continuous equipment upgrades and purchases and ongoing corporate acquisitions, positive evolution is inevitable.




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